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February 28th, 2018

As the weather warms, days lengthen and the snow melts the bare root season is also drawing to a close. It means we now have massive 25% discount on over 100 varieties. Included are some best sellers like the stunning Gallica Complicata and award winning Joie de Vivre, gems like the reliable Celestial, plus perfect gift roses like Isabel, Natalie and Mum in a Million.

Remember these discounts won’t last long the bare root season ends on Monday 26th at 23:59 GMT.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? We will be taking bare root pre orders for any sold out varieties from May.


Modern Bush – Joie de Vivre

Gallica – Complicata

Alba – Celestial

Renaissance – Mum in a Million










Renaissance – Natalie

Renaissance – Isabel

Rambling Rose: Adelaide dOrleans

January 12th, 2018


The tentative first shoots of snowdrops this week are a timely reminder that Spring will soon be upon us. Take the opportunity of the next few months to plant bare root roses to reap their splendours later in the year (see below) . Bare root plants are the most economical way to add trees and shrubs to your garden so spring into action like the snowdrop before it is too late.

Adelaide d’Orleans covering an arch at Mottisfont.

Adelaide d’Orleans is a very useful and beautiful rambler dating from 1826. Bred by Antoine Jacques head gardener to king Louis Phillipe it was named in honour of his twin sister.  The clusters of fragrant white blooms emerge from pink buds . The stems are very flexible making them very easy to train over a variety of structures. Recent analysis has shown this to be a hybrid of Rosa sempervirens and Old Blush.

Close up of Adelaide d’Orleans.


Joseph Pemberton Hybrid Musks

January 1st, 2018

Buff Beauty



The term ‘Hybrid Musk’ was first used 100 years ago in 1917 to describe the rose Pax which had been bred by the Rev. Joseph Pemberton from Havering-atte-Bower in Essex. Pemberton used Trier a repeat flowering multiflora rambler in many of his crosses and he went on to develop a whole new race of roses, shrubs with clusters of beautifully fragrant blooms in delicate hues. They were certainly ahead of their time and although a few won awards they didn’t achieve great popularity until much later. Today they are highly regarded, many good enough to be given AGMs (Award of Garden Merit) from the RHS like Cornelia, Penelope and Prosperity. Although termed Hybrid Musks they actually have very little of the true musk rose (Rosa moschata ) in their ancestry. After his death in 1926 his sister Florence and gardeners the Bentalls carried on his breeding work producing such great roses as Buff Beauty, Ballerina  and Robin Hood.

Our full list of Pemberton Roses.

Our full list of Bentall Roses.



Nur Mahal

Trier, parent of many Hybrid Musk

Lovestruck. Rose of the Year for 2018.

December 29th, 2017

First flower to emerge this year.

Lovestruck at RHS Hampton Court Flower Show, July 2017

RHS Hampton Court Flower Show brings us rose growers together, where we celebrate our love for roses. The rose tent is the place to find many special introductions. One to behold will be ‘Lovestuck’ which has been announced, ahead of time, as Rose of the Year 2018 by The English Garden Magazine. Vibrant cherry coloured, it really does strike you with its beauty. Winner of two other awards, noting health and good repeat flowering. It really is a deserved winner. ‘Lovestruck’ will be available from our online store from Monday 3rd July for  bare root delivery. We already have many other Rose of the Year winners available, like last year’s climbing rose, ‘Scent From Heaven’, the ever popular ‘For Your Eyes Only’ and the magnificent modern bush ‘Joie de Vivre’.


Top 10 Scented Roses of the 20th Century

August 30th, 2017


Rambling Rose- Debutante

1902 Debutante

At the start of the 20th century, one of the newest ramblers Debutante has become one of the most dependable. It has both delicious ‘old rose’ smell combined with good disease resistance.

1913 Clementina Cabonieri

From Italian breeder Bonfiglioli, this rose defines the heavenly ‘Tea Rose’ scent perfectly.

1938 Guinee.

Tea Rose – Clementina Carbonieri

One of the best fragrant red roses of all time, which isn’t just beautiful to look at, but on warm days, the aroma can be smelt far and wide.

1949 Aloha

A hybrid of another fragrant rose ‘New Dawn‘. Strong fruity and sweet! Wonderful two-toned blooms.

1950 Rose de Resht

Climbing Rose – Guinee

It may be confusing that Rose de Rescht is on this list because it probably harks back way before 1950, but this was when it was rediscovered. A portland damask rose which flowers both Summer and Autumn. Its strong musky scent is one of the most potent of all the Damasks.

1961 Constance Spry

The archetype of David Austin’s English Roses, combining the old with new. This was one of the first roses to be hybridised by Austin and still stands the test of time. It has a gorgeous myrrh-like scent inherited from one of its Victorian parents: Belle Isis.

1969 Westerland

Climbing Rose – Aloha

Westerland was one of many gems to be introduced from the Kordes family of Germany. This particular variety we think is one of its most boldly scented. Kordes continue to breed great roses such as ‘Joie de Vivre‘ rose of the year for 2011.

1978 Arthur Bell Climber

Damask Rose – Rose de Rescht

Both this and the bush form are exceptional roses. There really are not many yellow roses that smell as good as Arthur Bell. Its namesake though may have many similar tones too, bold and fruity!

1986 Leaping Salmon

One of the best varieties to be born of British breeders in the late 20th Century. The salmon pink blooms are highly fragrant. With the classic Hybrid Tea shape they make ideal cut flowers to bring that scent indoors.

1996 Chartreuse du Parme

Many old wives tales say that modern roses don’t have fragrance, this is one of the most fragrant of all the roses we stock. Bold citrus scent with continuous blooms.  A triumph of what 20th century rose breeders have achieved and Delbard roses continue to introduce striking highly aromatic examples today.

Introducing Esme. A new Modern Bush rose.

July 21st, 2017

We are happy to announce our newest introduction ‘Esme’ named after our wonderful daughter Esme. This exquisite rose is beautiful in both bud and as expanded bloom changing from rich to pale cream in the process. The fruity scent has peach notes. Foliage is plentiful, dark green and very disease resistant and with an overall size of 50 x 40 cms it will be as happy in a pot as in the front of a border, flowering from summer and repeating until late autumn.

Esme, with her rose.

RHS Hyde Hall and Audley End Flower Shows.

June 5th, 2017

This June we attended RHS Hyde Hall for their Rose Weekend and Audley End for Blooming Gardens. We had such an amazing time meeting everyone and thank you to all those rose enthusiasts at Hyde Hall who bore the scorching 33degree heat. We also officially launched our rose ‘Esme’ at both events with such positive feedback. Looking forward to next years events.

Busy at Hyde Hall for their Rose Weekend

Blending in well at Audley End.

We launched ‘Esme’ at Hyde Hall.

New Additions 2018/18.

April 27th, 2017


With the popularity of the likes of Eleanor and Susan we are increasing our Nostagic and Renaissance collections, these are modern roses but with masses of classic styled blooms. We bring yellow to the spectrum with Nina and Mary, while Natalie we find has a heavenly scent.

As the importance of having bee friendly flowers in our gardens grows, we are reintroducing R. multiflora and R.arvensis. The latter a strikingly beautiful button eyed wild rose. We find these grow really well as hedging or as ground cover.

Clear Cover (Great for bees too)

Mixing it up a little, we have three new award winning ground cover roses. Lancashire, Clear Cover and Scented Carpet. We hope these will now give you more choice of colour. All of which are extremely healthy and prostrate, allowing quicker coverage.

Trevor has sought out 6 old specialist varieties. Two wild roses R x coryana, R webbiana. Three gallica roses James Mason, Duchesse de Buccleugh, Hippolyte and rambler Bennetts Seedling. We hope to help to preserve these historic beauties, by growing them well into the future.

In July, Rose of the Year 2018 will be announced, so watch this space for one extra special addition.

For regular updates on for our new additions please click here.

Pre order now for November 2017 delivery

April 25th, 2017

With bare root season over in March, we look ahead to next season, which begins in November. You can pre order roses now, with all varieties fully stocked. Along with our many classic roses we have some exciting new additions to our growing Nostalgic and Renaissance collections. Also a few extra Species roses we have reintroduced this year, as the demand grows for native and wild roses.

Please note we still only sell bare rooted roses, therefore we can only dispatch them once that season begins in November 2017. Please feel free to email us if you have any questions about availability and dispatch dates.

Kind regards,

Trevor White and team.


Nostalgic Roses

April 1st, 2017

In 2016 we added a new collection called Nostalgic Roses by Tantau. We believe these fit well into our  range with classic fragrances and simple bright colours. They are also perfect for tighter spaces with a slightly more compact habit compared with similar roses in the Modern Shrub, Renaissance and Delbard sections.



Proper Jobs is a neat old fashioned looking red, it would look splendid in a cottage styled setting.

The peachy Rachel was the first to impress us with its distinctive frilly blooms and Gold Merit Award winner.

Global Beauty’s name describes it well,  wide yellow globular flowers with a strong tea fragrance.

Pure Poetry has tightly packed colours of red with an award winning scent.

Heavily quartered Duchess of Cornwall is stunning with bold blend of salmon hues.

Finally by far biggest of the blooms is Aphrodite and is a perfect gift to get the heart racing with its display of swirling petals.